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"sad music you want to dance to"

The sound is smooth and pleasant. Perfect to calm down. Are you relaxed, in balance and did you build up a good level of resilience, yet. Wait what’s with that disharmony? Whoops! This song was inspired by the Australian wildfires early 2020 where over a billion animals lost their lives. „Black thin lines in front of red. Our lung is hurting. The scenery is beautiful if it wasn’t so sad.“ Dreamy indie meets shoegaze meets wave.

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"the closest to pop music we can do"

OLDPEOPLE is a constant struggle. The desire to please people meets the rejection of the mainstream. Driving rhythms and catchy melodies challenged by demanding lyrics and detuned sound spheres. With a broad band history in genres such as folk, pop, indie, punk, post-rock and hardcore, OLDPEOPLE were supposed to leave all that behind. The idea: chillwave from the living room, with only a few microphones and a laptop. The more songs, the greater the urge to do something with them. A band name was needed… a self-critical reflection. Because the demos lacked something, they were brought into the rehearsal room. Analog drums, amp feedback and some honest little fuck-ups gave the sound some soul, some edge, if you will. Besides the original idea and the inherent genres from the past, the song portfolio is best described as post punk, new wave, indie with lo-fi sprinkles. In the end, it’s all pop anyway, but hear for yourself. By the way, we are from Leipzig, Germany.




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